PWBC Office & Church Location
Address:770 Fulton Street
 (Corner of Adelphi)
 Brooklyn, NY 11238
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Contact FAQ

I would like to speak with Pastor Fred or Pastor Valeria?
If you wish to speak with the Pastors please call our offices and leave a message with their Assistant. If you wish to speak with the Pastors through email please write a detailed email explaining what you wish to speak to them about. All information and calls are confidential. Please understand a follow up email or call may come from their Assistant asking more questions. This is just Prevailing Word protocol and policy. If we email you with more questions know that we are only doing this to get you to the right department or to give you the right information.
I would like to schedule a meeting with the Pastors?
If you wish to setup a meeting, please schedule a meeting by contacting the office. We will contact you in a few days. All information will remain confidential.
I would like to send a letter or materials to you through regular mail.
If you wish to send a letter or materials through regular mail please contact the church office. All mail goes to our P.O. Box.
I would like you to consider visiting and sharing the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ in your region of Africa?
We would like to share the testimony of Jesus Christ anywhere around the world. We ask that if you wish for us to do so please contact us. Thank you!
I would like to partner with your ministry?
If you wish to partner with our ministry or wish to donate, please use our online giving section to do so. If you wish to send a check through mail please send it to our P.O. Box (contact our offices for more information).