Fire Starters

Fire Starter's Prayer - July 2015 - 24 hours of prayer and worship
Praying for our community, city, nation, For souls, for revival and for fire starters to rise in the earth!

We are a group of people (young and old), musicians, singers, and intercessors who do radical things for the kingdom of God. We go into dark places with our instruments and voices and say, "We are the voices of one calling in the wilderness, 'Make straight the way for the Lord.'" We worship, we pray, we burn, bring light and the presence of God to every place we tread upon . We are missionaries and musicianaries ( those that take the good news of Jesus Christ to others in this nation and worldwide through music) in our communities and in this nation. We take back our communities, cities, and nations for God through prayer, worship, and missions. We are Fire Starters.

Our goal is to focus on prayer, worship, and missions (PWM). Our goal is to equip and send out Fire Starters who love Jesus and the world and will preach the Word to all those they come across, heal the sick, serve the poor and those in need, lead worship, start houses of prayer, and be Fire Starters.