We are associated with Cure Net as Life Ambassadors with Star Parker and Lonnie Poindexter. This organization is meeting the needs of African Americans caught in the web of a vicious cycle of the abortion mill. 

Cure Net has solicited the involvement of pastors throughout the country to speak prophetically into the hearts of people to stop this scourge in our nation.

We are honored to be a part of this organization and we urge you to get off of the side lines and get to the front lines in this epic battle to save our communities. Many of the politicians throughout the country will not lift a finger to save our families. Since Kermit Gosnell was convicted of three counts of murdering children, born outside the womb and massacred, and was found guilty of killing a woman during an abortion procedure, we can no longer look at this as an isolated incident.

As one pastor put it, and echoed by others, "[Abortion], it's not the exception, it is the rule."

The deliberate barbaric Gosnellian act of massacre by abortion is occurring with regularity across the country and our people have turned a blind eye to the intentional genocide of our people. The NAACP and other Civil Rights organizations are complicit in the abortion mill. Their leadership's silence on this and many real issues affecting African Americans is deafening.

Planned Parenthood has tragically and strategically placed abortion clinics in close proximity of African American and Hispanic communities to deliberately reduce our races. 

As pastors, it is up to us to do everything we can to reach our people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and minister to our communities.  

Abortion has been man made legal in the United States since 1973. Since then, this nation has had over 55 million abortions

In this same time period, 17 million African American babies were slaughtered. 

In 2009 in NYC alone, 80,000 abortions took place that year. 

1,000 African American babies that were kept in 2009, 1,498 are slaughtered.

This atrocity underscores the fact that we are a depraved and sexually immoral nation. The morals of this nation have eroded in part because of a pastor's hidden life of porn and masturbation. The secret life of a pastor should be a place of prayer and the Word of God, but he or she may be involved in being part of the problem, and not the solution. 

A pastor's willful neglect to speak prophetically to a nation is lacking because of his or her Secret Sexual Sins. Our involvement in sexual immorality is at the top of the list of reasons when it comes to our lack of involvement.

Just go to for our Secret Sexual Sins broadcast to get a glimpse into my life that is, perhaps, happening in the lives of many other pastors across the country. 

Or you may visit my, Pastor Fred, blog at to read about sexual immorality plaguing the church and His people.

The reason for abortions is because the mother deemed the child an "inconvenience." More often, the biological father sends the woman to get an abortion. She gets to do the dirty work while the male impregnates another woman. 

The real reason is because of adultery and fornication.

Planned Parenthood also known as Klanned Abortionhood is the major abortion provider for the nation, funded by our tax dollars. The abortion industry called it "Eugenics." It is the deliberate act of eliminating African Americans. The documentary MAAFA21, speaks of this atrocity in words that would make you cringe. It is a definite demonic attack to eliminate African Americans. 

For two centuries, we've built this nation, and the thanks that we get is slavery, Jim Crow laws, racism, and death. Whether it is by abortion, homosexuality, the prison system, no education, and crime, it is easy to see that this overt conspiracy is a stain on the integrity of this nation.

There is a glimmer of hope. Abortion is decreasing but not enough to keep pace to save our African American babies. 


The first thing that we must do is come back to the basics.

Hebrews 13:4 says, "Marriage is honorable among all and the bed undefiled, but fornicators and adulterers God will judge."

Genesis 2:24 says, "Therefore a man shall leave father and mother and be joined to his wife. And they shall become one flesh."

Males become men and then they are to search for a wife, become one flesh, and raise a family.

Sex is authorized after marriage, not before. A male becomes a man and protects his family. There is a difference between being a predator and a protector.

So, abortion starts with a male having sex with another female, outside of wedlock, and out of fear and inconvenience, a decision is made to eliminate the "inconvenience."

This is the cowards way of solving the problem. The male violates the woman twice. 

We must teach male and female responsibility and accountability. The price is too high for us not to pay attention to what is going on in our families. For years, we have allowed ourselves to be reckless with sex. Not only must pastors and people of the church must be shining examples, we must now teach our young girls and young boys of the price of abortion and the value of life, and family.

We must teach our young boys that women is not a slave or property, but they are to be valued. They are not to be an object for sex, but a companion for life. Once a young man places this value on a woman, the atrocities will cease.


Many people believe that abortion is legal, safe, and rare.

Abortion is man made legal. In the eyes of God, it is murder.

Abortion is not safe. Just look at the number of abortions and you can readily see that it is not safe to be in the womb.

Abortion is not rare. Just look at the number of abortions listed above and the word rare is quickly kicked out of the window. Rare is when the mother's life is medically threatened. Rare is when the baby is medically determined that he or she cannot survive outside the womb. Rape and conception takes place as a result is a clear judgment call.

But a free for all, wholesale killing of innocent lives is not to take place. It is murder.

Furthermore, the lie about a woman's right to choose abortion negates and cancels the baby's right to live. 

Just look at African American Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia, PA abortionist that was responsible for over 16,000 abortions since 1973. You would expect that an African American would look out for his own people, but this is not to be the case.

There are many abortionists like him throughout the country. We need to expose these hideous abortion clinics and demand accountability. We need to band together to stop it all together.

For further information about getting off the side lines and getting to the front lines, please click this link to Care Net and get involved. 

Let's put a stop to abortion before the African American becomes extinct.


Stopping Abortion In Our Communities
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