Why Church?


Why do we go to the movies? To be entertained. Why do we go to plays? We like comedies and great play acting, along with great story lines about people and what people do. Why do we go to the supermarket? To buy food to eat and beverages to drink. Why do we go to the doctor? Because we need a check up or because we might have something wrong with us. Why do we go to the hospital? To get healed. Why do we go to work? Because we have bills to pay and we need to have a roof over our heads.

As you can see, all these thing are important. We do not minimize these important things but going to church is more important because without God, all these things means nothing. A person could gain the whole world but lose their own soul.

Why do we need to go to church?

The local church is a small representation of the total Body of believers throughout the world. Each local church is unique and special. Local churches comprise of many people from different walks of life that assemble in a facility to worship the Lord, through prayers, the preaching and teaching of the Scriptures, and to care for the believers spiritual well being.

We go to church to hear and apply the principles of the Word of God, the Holy Bible. To help us understand God and how He lovingly teaches us, through His appointed pastors and teachers to live like Christ. To learn how to praise and worship the Lord through the prayers of praise and worship to the Lord, and participating in heartfelt prayer meetings to seek the Lord in behalf of other believers and for ourselves.

The word church was first mentioned by the Lord Jesus in the book of Matthew chapter 16 and verse 18. What does the word "church" mean? Church means "a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into some public place known as an assembly." 

So when you walk out of your home, just remember, you are walking past a facility where people become believers through being born again and assembling together to learn how to apply the principles of the Lord Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.