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Life hurts sometimes and sometimes you need the right answers to get you going on your way.  We have designed a place for you to get information, answers, and help for all situations and circumstances. Here you will find blogs and books that will help you prevail. We know you will Prevail after reading these right now words from God. Remember you can prevail over every area and circumstance of your life.

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Recent Prevailing Blogs

Have Faith In God

By: Pastor Fred Rochester

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Strong Singles

By: Pastor Fred Rochester

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Assurance Of Salvation

By: Pastor Fred Rochester

Usually when a person decides to make Jesus Lord of their lives, they are not …Read More

Will you take 15 minutes today to dwell with the one who truly loves you and wants you?

By: Sherylynne L. Rochester

What touches me the most is the fact that Jesus desires for us to be with Him …Read More

Prevailing Finances: The Reward of Stewardship

By: Pastor Fred Rochester

After honoring the Lord, we must exercise wisdom to manage the rest of what …Read More