Fire Starters

Leviticus 6:12 (NKJV) And the fire on the altar shall be kept burning on it; it shall not be put out. And the priest shall burn wood on it every morning, and lay the burnt offering in order on it...

What touches me the most is the fact that Jesus desires for us to be with Him where He's at. That He actually wants us...US to see His glory and to see Him. That whole revelation of John 17:24 just leaps in my Spirit that He actually desires to be with us and so BADLY wants it to happen. Even now I can picture Jesus saying, "Father, is it time yet? I can't wait to have that time again in the cool of the day where we just have fellowship together with those You gave me."

Even so the greatest thing is that we can have that fellowship time now in the house of prayer. We can dwell with Him here until Rev 21:2-3 is fulfilled. It shows me its okay to spend hours with God. He wants and desires that. John 17:24 is a response to David's cry in Psalms 27:4.

Dwelling with Him is needed so that we can be transformed and filled with love. That love and transformation will reach others and draw them to be saved. It's dwelling with Him that we will get the same heart God has for the world. As we live in God's house of prayer, we will see the world with the eyes of God. So if you and I are going to reach the world it starts by dwelling with the Father.

Will you take 15 minutes today to dwell with the one who truly loves you and wants you?


Fire Starters: Burn, Collide, Blaze

As I think over the name Fire Starters and how God is calling for radical people who will do radical things for the kingdom of God, I keep thinking someone is going to take it literally and start a real fire. Oh my...

...But the fire I'm talking about is a spiritual fire that starts one place and spreads all over the world, saving generations, cities, and nations...the whole world...REVIVAL.

Now, have you seen Lord of the Rings: Return of the King? If not check out this scene the Lightening of the Beacon. If you have think about this powerful scene. Andy Byrd talked about this in his book, Fire & Fragrance, and when I saw it, I too was blown away. What a powerful example of fires being started and it spreading over the land.

In this scene, Gander tells Pippin, "You must not fail me." Pippin runs and climbs up a very tall beacon. After a very long climb and trying to start the fire, he accidentally spills water onto the wood (another blog talking about water on the wood). Then, he takes the fire and drops it onto the wood and the fire blazes for everyone to see. Pippin has now become a fire starter. Now, Gander is excited and watches beacons twenty to thirty miles apart being lit. It sends a signal that it is time for the King to return and time for the King to come down and help. That it is time for the King to take the land back. That it is time for Him to invade it. In the next scene you see other fire starters rejoicing. The fire continues to spread from one part to another and to another. Finally it reaches the King and the King says, "Rohan will answer."

Now just imagine if we did what Pippin and the other fire starters did. What if we too lit the beacons in our neighborhoods, cities and in this nation? The King of kings would see it and then he would say, "The Almighty will answer." And when He answers He invades it and takes away the darkness that has been over our cities and nations. He invades it and revival hits. A collision with magnificent.

You see, God wants to invade this land in a mighty way. He wants light to permeate through the earth. But for that to happen He needs Fire Starters.

God is calling for Fire Starters to be on this earth, who will do radical things to overthrow the evil that is present and put back His presence into the land and into the government. God is calling for just one who will start a spiritual fire and burn for Him. After that one burns others will see and catch fire and burn too. He's calling for Fire Starters that will spread (blaze) His word and save generations, cities, nations, and regions and put it ablaze for His glory. He's calling for people who are willing to sacrifice their plates and their time in prayer, so others can be saved and brought into the kingdom. He's calling for people who are willing to do whatever is necessary to set up a resting place for Him on this earth like David did (another blog too). He's calling for us to climb a little higher, go a little deeper and start fires (spiritually) and then watch a collision between heaven and earth.

Yes, God is calling for Fire Starters to pray, to worship, to consecrate themselves on a higher level, become humble and usable, and to have the mindset of; to declare and say, "I'm a Fire Starter for the kingdom of God. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to see my communities saved, freed, and know Jesus. I'm ready to be a vessel. I'm ready to pray more, 24/7 if I have to." In essence, this is how revivals start. It takes one person and the rest is history.

The dictionary says a fire starter is a piece of flammable material used to help start a fire. In a spiritual context when we get save and commit our lives to God, we become flammable material. Once we become flammable material, God uses us to help start fires that will start revivals and that will bring light into our communities.

I believe, Fire Starters will play an essential role in these days. Fire Starters will burn night and day, day and night. Fire Starters will pray without ceasing, be prophetic, dream dreams, see visions and do miracles in His name. Fire Starters will go into the cities and into government and turn it upside down and make it right for the glory of God.

Yes, God wants you to be a Fire Starter.
Are you ready to be a Fire Starter? Will you answer the call to be a fire starter? You are needed in this hour!

To be a fire starter come and be apart of Prevailing Word and join us
Friday, March 7, 2014 from 9pm to 1am as we pray for revival, for souls, for our communities, cities, and nations, and for fire starters to rise in the earth. Our musicianaries will lead us in worship and our intercessors will lead us in prayer. During the course of the year our next step will be missions minded, where we go into our communities and help those in need.

Will you join us?

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Let me leave you with this song by Will Reagan titled, Help Me Find My Own Flame. A favorite song here at Prevailing Word.

Sherylynne L. Rochester was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is an author (Altered Destiny: A Hustler's Choice & Altered Destiny: Second Chance), singer, songwriter, and business owner, and while in high school she sang with the Girls Choir of Harlem. She received her bachelor's degree in business management and audio recording at Five Towns College in Dix Hills, Long Island, and it was there she realized her lifelong passion for writing. Sherylynne is a Praise and Worship Leader at Prevailing Word Ministries, and loves to bring people closer to God through music and worship. Her ministry and purpose in life is to help people find God and experience Him and the love He has for them. She is the founder of Fire Starters. She resides in Pennsylvania, where she is hard at work doing the will of God.