About Prevailing Word

Prevailing Word Ministries, was called by the Lord to significantly impact the community with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Acts 19:20 serves as the foundation of our ministry. As a result of evangelism, the people in Ephesus were challenged to come to Christ. As a result, they burned many sorcery books and items of occult and witchcraft.
Hence the phrase, "So mightily grew the word and prevailed". Our ministry is not a deliverance ministry specializing in areas of the occult, witchcraft or sorcery. We are a full gospel ministry, employing the unadulterated, inerrant Word of the living God to set all persons free from the power of darkness. 
Prevailing Word Ministries was incorporated in 1987 for the purpose of establishing a local church in obedience to the Great Commission as stated in Matt. 28:18-20. It is God's will that every man be born again.
It is God's will that we preach and teach the entire gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, baptized new believers, make disciples, equip and mature these disciples to send them out, and build the Body of Christ.