An Ex-Gay Affirming Church

In light of many local churches and pastors becoming Gay Affirming Churches, we unapologetically declare that we are an EX-GAY AFFIRMING CHURCH. The sexually immoral events that confront truly born again believers in Christ, compels us to make an unequivocal Biblical statement to never condone that which God is against. 

Therefore, we at Prevailing Word stand behind the word of God and take this stance:

We at Prevailing Word Ministries will err on the side of being Biblically correct and be politically incorrect. We much rather seek to please God than to displease God. We fear God than to fear man any day of the week, 24/7.

We will always welcome those that are bound in any sin, including the sin of homosexuality. To minister to all that come to our local church the truth of God's Word with the love of God, while standing firm and immovable in the truth. 

We will always stand for the Biblical correctness embedded in the Word of God. To boldly declare the established pattern of male and female, husband and wife, and holy matrimony between male and female, copulating to have children and Biblically raising a family.

We will never apologize for standing in the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, nor retreat from those that insist in aggressively pushing the LGBT agenda in an attempt to silence our righteous voice, to legislatively force this local church to turn its back on the Most Holy God and His Word, the Holy Bible.

Prevailing Word Ministries is an EX GAY AFFIRMING CHURCH.