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Prevailing Prayers

dialysis and emergency healing and recovery and good infection free medical test results

 posted by: Denzel on 5/23/2015

This is for my girlfriends father. His name is David Madden. He had fallen a few weeks ago and fractured 3 vertebrae in his back. He had surgery 2 weeks ago to repair them. He was released to go to a rehabilitation center last week but was sent... Read More

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 posted by: Craig Dale on 4/22/2015

1. Please pray Anxiety dis- order be healed 2. Please pray for healing of wooziness goes away in head 3. Please pray that I get heaps courage, strength, and encouragement 4. Please pray that doctor be guided to do the right thing and give me... Read More

2 people are praying


 posted by: Rick on 2/8/2015

Please Pray that I would healed of depression and fear and that we can stay in our home. Thank you Read More

28 people are praying


 posted by: Carolyn on 12/30/2014

Please pray for a job for me. Thank you! Read More

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Prayer for Triple Bypass Surgery

 posted by: George on 11/5/2014

Gracious God: my older brother Alan Leung is s heduled on Thursday(11/13/14) morning 7:20am at Kaiser Permanennt in Honkolulu. Please pray ask God's mercy for a successful & complete healing recovery. God we trust you care for Alan,... Read More

18 people are praying


 posted by: Tiffany Smith on 10/2/2014

SAD UPDATE (Please Lord hear my/our prayers!)- Despite my prayers and worship she did get to my husband and has been after him ever since for money and drugs. As a law abiding wife all I could do was PRAY LIKE CRAZY and not move physically to... Read More

20 people are praying

Physical and spiritual

 posted by: Pam on 8/18/2014

Please pray for the healing of my body from recent surgery and all other ailments I have. And please pray for the salvation of my son, husband, goddaughter, and my sisters and their children. Read More

21 people are praying

Linda physical aliments

 posted by: Jerome Pierce on 7/28/2014

To any Brothers & Sisters In Christ, Prayer of agreement for my wife Linda her hip pelvis is in constant pain she can hardly walk now. She went to the Doctor the other day & got two shots in the hip pelvis but it still hurts worse... Read More

20 people are praying


 posted by: Jim and Yung on 7/28/2014

Pray for Jim, Yung and Noreen, our families (and those we love too). Pray God will completely heal us, and keep us too. Pray God will do a GREAT and REAL work of the Holy Spirit IN us. And pray God will also help us in EVERY other area of our... Read More

18 people are praying

favor and provision for ministry

 posted by: Haven Hair on 7/26/2014

Please agree I will have favor and prosperity for my ministry to the poor and that I will have open doors for mission work. Read More

11 people are praying

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